Weekday Minyan & Learning Schedule

Winter 2019-2020

  • 08
    :30 AM

    Ein Yaakov Shiur - Sefer Nezikim

    Rb. Sender Babayov

  • 08
    :50 AM

    Tanya Shiur

    Rb. Sender Babayov

  • 09
    :30 AM


  • 10
    :30 AM

    10 minute Halacha Shiur

    Rb. Sender Babayov

    - followed by a 10 minute Ein Yaakov Shiur – Sefer Nezikim

  • 10
    min utes
    Before Shekiah



    FOLLOWED BY MAARIV (there will also be a 9:30 Maariv)

  • 08
    :30 PM

    Night Seder Schedule

    Please join us for learning – either by joining one of the shiurim or by learning by yourself or with a chavrusa

    Sunday Rabbi Babayov Gemorah Shiur - Maseches Chagiga
    Monday Chavrusa Night
    Shiur in Russian Ein Yaakov Shiur
    Tuesday Rabbi S. Babayov Machon L'halocho Yore Deah
    Mr. Moshe Khusid Chassidus (Russian)
    Wednesday Chavrusa Night
    Mr. Yosef Shumulinsky Gemorah Elu Metzios (Russian)
    7 PM to 8 PM Women Shiur (English), Ein Yaakov or Tanya
    Thursday Rabbi Babayov Machon L'halocho Yore Deah
  • 09
    :30 PM


  • Yasher Koach to all those who made a learning commitment on Simchas Torah to learn Mishnayos, Gemara, Halacha, or Ein Yaakov

    Please make sure to continue working on fulfilling this commitment - it will be easier if you do it daily, rather than to leave it for the end of the year.

Daily Tehillim Effort

The world is in serious trouble...

We can try to help it by collectively saying the entire sefer Tehillim daily. Click the link to select one or more to participate.

Please sign up to say a portion of Tehillim daily.

We are trying to have the whole Sefer Tehillim said daily as a z'chus for the safety of the Jews in Eretz Yisroel.

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