Halacha Club

Kitzur Shulchan Aruch, Rabbi Shlomo Ganzfried

Chapter 98 : The Laws of Yom Tov


It's forbidden to split wood or even break them by hand. It's forbidden to collect wood from a place where they are scattered.


When one arranges the wood on the stones in order to light a fire this is forbidden because it's (like) making a tent, since it's like two sides and a roof on them, and one needs to do it in an unusual way, for example, by holding the wood in ones hand, and placing the stones under them. Similarly, when one stands the pot on the stones to light (a fire) underneath it, one needs to hold the pot in ones hand, and put the stones under it, but not put it down on top of the stones.


One doesn't fan a fire with a bellows, in order not to work like a craftsman does. Everyone is accustomed to allow household bellows by a change (such as) turning them upside down. but with craftmen's bellows, even with a change, it's forbidden.


It's allowed to separate peas, whatever one needs for the same day, but not with a sieve nor a screen, and also they shouldn't be placed in the water so that the undesired matter floats on top, or the edibles, rather one should separate them by hand and pick what is most convenient for one. If it's convenient for one to pick the undesired matter, one should pick the undesired matter. If it's convenient for one to pick the edibles, one should pick the edibles.